my wife is 25 yrs and is suffering with dry cough during nights, we have tried taking cough syrups nothing worked.

Follow these simple remedies to ease coughing -

  • Prepare a natural cough syrup by mixing 2 tbsp lemon juice in a cup of water. Add a tbsp of honey and ginger juice in equal proportions. Give her this syrup several times a day to ease her condition.
  • It is very important to eliminate the mucus which comes while coughing. At night if she feels tired or lazy to get up, full a cup with some water and spit the mucus in it.
  • Add a tsp of turmeric powder in a cup of boiling milk. Drink this twice daily especially before going to bed. Turmeric has a soothing effect in treatment of cough.
  • An herbal tea made by boiling grated ginger, lemon juice, mint leaves, 1 whole pepper, and holy basil in water helps a lot to deal with stubborn cough. Add honey for palatability and drink twice daily.
  • Increase the intake of fluids in the day time when you are at work. A nice chicken broth/soup or vegetable soup with garlic in it would also help.

Dry cough can be a symptom to various conditions like lung diseases, respiratory problems, certain medications that causes dry cough (ACE inhibitors), gastro esophageal reflux disorder, asthma, or any other major or minor associated condition. Consult a specialist to get the correct diagnosis for appropriate treatment is the condition does not improve with self care.

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answered by Dr S

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