What home remedy do you have for nerve pain?

Nerve pain is just like head ache or migraine. There are 50 diferent reasons, and accordingly different remedies. One should know patients age, lifestyle, diet pattern, the situation in last few days before the nerve pain started etc.

If one is addicted to something, nerve pain is most common as a withdrawl effect. Nerve pain can come when a nerve is getting physically pinched on its path. Nerve pain can come if a tumor in neighbourhood is pressing on it. Nerve pain can come as a result of nutritional deficiency. Nerve pain can come as a result of mental shock/grief over loss of someone. Nerve pain can come if pressure of cerebro spinal fluid.

Despite all this, a most common remedy is:

  • Take 2 cups water, or 1cup milk and 1 cup water if you are not milk-allergic. Add 1/2 tsp ginger powder and 1/4 tsp turmeric powder, 1 tsp aswagandha powder. slow boil till 1 cup remains. add 1/2 lemon juice if you have not added milk and aswagandha. aswagandha is added only if you add milk. If milk is aded you can add honey or sugar. IF lemon juice is added you can add honey. drink this twice a day for ten days.
  • Massage by Mahanarayan Tail on organ containing paining nerve is also likely to be beneficial.
  • Nerve pain, one common reason is magnesium defuiciency, which does not allow calcium to be absorbed. Hence fomentation to calf myscles when they are dipped in a bucket full of hot water in which epson salt (40 grams per bucket of 20 litres) is dissolved. No matter which nerve is paining, this epson=m bath to calf muscles will give some relief. Nerves will relax. Nerves need glucose, sodium, proteins and fats. This is contained in cerebro spinal fluid (CSF) produced by brain. To increase the production of CSF, there are certain breathing techniques, which have to be taught in person.
  • Good sleep will also reduce nerve pain. Take a glass of milk in which honey is added at bedtime.

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