Pinched Nerve Shoulder: Please Suggest Remedies For Recurrent Right Shoulder Pain Accompanied With Finger Numbness?

A recurrent pain in the neck or shoulder accompanied by numbness of the arm of fingers of the hand on the same side of the body is usually caused due to a pinched nerve in the neck. Other symptoms of a pinched nerve include difficult to flex the arm and weakness of the muscles in the arm and hand. This generally occurs due to a nerve damage following an injury or abuse of the muscles and nerves by over-exerting them. Apart from medication, traction helps to treat this problem. You can also consult a physical therapist for adequate exercises that can help to remedy the problem.

Another reason for such shoulder pain accompanied by finger numbness is carpal tunnel syndrome. This medical condition manifests itself in the form tingling sensation in the hands and fingers, difficulty in executing activities involving the motor skills, radiating pain in the arms and shoulders and fragmented, broken sleep. If you notice these symptoms you should immediately consult a doctor for adequate diagnosis and treatment. More often that not, carpal tunnel syndrome requires surgery that decompresses the carpal tunnel. But this is effective only if other factors, such as professional hazards and abuse of the related muscles and nerves are addressed. You should assess the ergonomic efficiency of your work desk to ensure that you are not damaging the nerves in your wrist by an incorrect position of the hands and wrist while using the mouse. While working you should take periodic pauses and gently exercise the wrist by rotating it clockwise and anti-clockwise ten times each. In addition to medical treatment, you can take some simple precautions to prevent the condition from aggravating. Simple home remedies can help by acting as a complement to the medicines your doctor prescribes. The first thing you should do is avoid all physical activity that will increase the stress on the affected muscles and nerves. It is also important to reduce the use of the mouse which is one of the main culprits for carpal tunnel syndrome. As far as possible, keep your arm elevated and shake your hand frequently to get rid of the numbness. Sometimes wearing a wrist splint that supports the hand can also be beneficial. You should of course monitor your diet properly and ensure that you are getting an adequate supply of the essential nutrients necessary to keep the nerves strong and healthy. Foods that should be avoided include cow's milk, citrus fruits and tomatoes.

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