I have been having an excessive amount of saliva lately. I am constantly having to swallow, is there something I can do to stop this?

Although having excessive saliva production in the mouth is not likely to have any significant bearing on a person’s medical status, it can cause a significant amount of embarrassment. One should also keep in mind the fact that the condition does not necessarily have only aesthetic complications, but could also be the result or symptom of an underlying medical condition. The salivary glands are the organs responsible for the production of saliva in the mouth and are a group consisting of three pairs. The first and largest pair is known as the parotid glands and it is located just behind the angle of the jaw – below and in front of the ears. The sublingual glands are two smaller pairs that are located in the floor of the mouth. These are accompanied by a number of tiny salivary glands spread all over the mouth that all contribute to the production of saliva so as to aid in the breakdown of food during the digestive process. Although a decrease in the production of saliva by these glands is a common problem, and usually the result of some kind of medication or underlying condition, the increased production of saliva is comparatively rare. Some people may see this development as a reaction by the body to certain types of foods such as sour or spicy food, however sometimes the condition is chronic and there seems to be no logical explanation for the same.

Such a condition could then be a cause for concern. One of the more common causes of this occurrence is the presence of a salivary gland tumor or parotid swelling and will need to be closely examined by your doctor for a conclusive opinion. The increased saliva production could also easily be the result of the individual having a habit of swallowing at a lower rate than normal. This is because, under normal circumstances, the saliva that is produced is swallowed along with the food, thereby causing the production to be a part of the continuous chain of events. When a person swallows food at a slower pace than usual, the saliva production is already programmed to supply the substance more frequently – thereby causing a buildup in the mouth. Certain medications are also known to accelerate saliva production so you may want to check any prescription drugs you are taking for such a side effect. Expecting mothers are also likely to experience excessive saliva production during the initial stages of the pregnancy.

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