Treatment for cyst in private parts

A cyst is a sac that may be empty, contain fluid or be fleshy in nature. When a cyst is formed on the surface of the skin, it is generally more of a cosmetic issue than a medical one. However, it may be medically relevant, especially in the case of cysts that are formed around organs. Cysts can form as single units or be bunched into groups in which case the condition may be termed as polycystic. Cysts can also be divided into malignant and benign. A malignant cyst is a cyst that is formed of cancerous cells and is life threatening. Benign cysts are usually formed when some natural bodily secretion is blocked due to clogging of the pores in the area where the cyst occurs.

There are many different types of cysts that occur on different parts of the body. They are all indicative of different conditions. You have described the cyst as being on your private part but you have not mentioned your gender. Cysts can affect the female or male genitalia. In females, a common type of cyst is the Gartner's duct cyst which can affect the vagina. In men there is a type of cyst that affects the testicles.

It is recommended to show the cyst to a doctor, mainly because of the risk of malignancy cancer is a dangerous and life threatening illness, but if it is caught early enough, it is treatable. Thus, the prudent thing to do is to get your cyst tested by a doctor. Cysts can be removed surgically which would require local anesthesia to the region. The doctor will then cut off the cyst and dress the resulting wound. The cyst might be drained of fluid if it contains fluid before it is removed. This fluid is also analyzed to rule out the presence of cancer cells.

For a home remedy you can try applying tea tree oil to the area. tea tree oil is antibacterial and antifungal. In the worst case, it will not reduce the cyst, but even in such a situation, it will keep the area clean and bacteria free which is helpful. Some people also suggest that you use chalk on the area to reduce the size of the cyst. This might cause some discomfort. It is always better to check the dangers of your cyst with your doctor before you go in for a home remedy to cure it.

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