I Have A Sebaceous Cyst On Top Of My Left Eye. Can You Suggest Any Treatment To Shrink The Cyst?

Buy dried roots of herb Mountain ebony, botanical name being Bauhinia variegata, Bahunia racemosa, Caesalpiniaceae. Grind/pound the roots to a coarse powder. Take 10 grams of this powder and add to 200 ml of water. Slow boil till 25 ml remains and then strain. when look warm you can add honey and drink it, twice a day, after lunch and dinner.

answered by S B

The blockage of sebaceous gland duct leads to formation of a cyst. It may cause eyelid tenderness, painful swelling, and smelly white secretions from the sac.

The prime treatment for sebaceous cyst is to apply warm compress for 10-15 minutes for 3-4 times a day. This will help the hardened oil blockage to soften and promote drainage and healing.

Watchful waiting will help, as these cysts often shrink on their own. Proper cleaning of the eyelid will avoid its reoccurrence.

Consult an ophthalmologist, who would prescribe you appropriate eye drops for the cyst and if it is too big and infectious he might recommend surgical removal of the same.

answered by S P

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