My wife had mensuration on 22nd October and again on 2nd November (10 days gap) and still continuing but lightly. Is there any reason for such early and long duration mensuration. Please advice me

Menstruation is the part of the female’s reproductive cycle where she passes the unfertilized egg and the uterine lining out because fertilization has not happened. Menstruation is accompanied by bleeding. The general rule for a menstrual cycle is that it cycles between 28 and 35 days. The regularity of the menstrual cycle is based on the hormonal balance in a woman’s body. Hormones control the various functions of the reproductive system. A woman’s menstrual cycle is also affected by her physical condition. Unfit people tend to have complications with their menstrual cycle. There may also be psychological or emotional factors that can upset the rhythm of the cycle. Sexual activity is also responsible for altering the cycle.

Factors that cause early menstruation could be psychological or physical. If a woman is suffering from stress or is overworked, she could have an imbalanced menstrual cycle. Often when there is a sudden change in the living environment that adds to stress, the effect may be felt in the menstrual cycle. Physical factors also play a part in the early onset of menses. Some diet changes may cause an imbalance in the level of hormones in the body. You may also be suffering from some unrelated ailment that causes a change in hormone level. Some medications that are prescribed for unrelated ailments may cause changes in the menstrual cycle. If you have recently begun dieting or have made drastic lifestyle changes, you may suffer from early menstruation.

Remedies for early menstruation are usually based on your lifestyle. You must try and avoid stressful situations and must also be able to deal with them when they arise. Try and maintain a balanced diet and avoid consuming nutritional supplements in order to satisfy your need for vitamins and minerals. A diet based on fruits and vegetables is likely to nourish the body well and settle any hormonal imbalance.

You should also note that light bleeding may be associated with a rupture in the vagina rather than actual menses. A woman who is sexually active may suffer from this problem. In this case, bleeding will be light and maybe continuous if sexual activity continues to take place. If you are sexually active, try and abstain for a few days to see if this changes your condition. If your period continues to be irregular even with changes in lifestyle, visit your doctor for a consultation to check for any underlying medical causes.

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