Home Remedies For Weak Bladder: I am going to the bathroom about every hour, I need to find a home cure that will help to improve my bladder.

Rubbing along the top of the symphysis pubis bone from one side to the other (in front of the bladder from thigh to thigh) will help strengthen the bladder, do this twice a day - to begin with you may find it quite sore, as the bladder gains strength it will be more comfortable. Squeezing and pulling up the pelvic floor muscles once an hour will help strengthen your ability to hold more urine. Drinking more water will also help. Many yoga asanas will also strengthen the bladder - if you check this on google you should find the postures that will suit you best. Once you feel that you are able to hold more urine in the bladder you can practice stopping the stream of urine as you go to the toilet to strengthen the sphincter but there is little point in trying this until you have strengthened a little first. Cranberry capsules help the bladder wall repel bacteria so you may find this helpful too.

answered by J R M

for bladder Kegel exercise is best,it strenghens the muscles,for details go and see www.kegel-exercises.com/

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