How can I get rid of the gout, please help asap

gout is a problem that is definitely curable with a minimal amount of damage to the body but this is something that takes time, persistence, and some sacrifices on your part. The most difficult part of these sacrifices is foregoing a meat diet, alcohol, and some of the sedentary lifestyle that you could lead. Gout was previously called the rich man’s disease. It always affected those whose diets were made up mostly of meat; the people drink a lot, and those who live  a largely sedentary life. The problem manifests itself in the limbs and joints and can be very painful. Untreated, you could end up with arthritis induced from gout. This problem may not be reversible.

Gout is a problem of protein metabolism in the body. When proteins are broken down in the body, the result is uric acid that goes around the blood stream until it is finally excreted by the kidneys as urine. This process can be interrupted by two factors: excessive protein metabolism and some kind of failure of the kidneys to excrete. When this happens, the uric acid builds up and starts to crystallize in the joints. As this crystallization builds up, it becomes into the shape of a dagger that starts to poke and destroy the surrounding tissue. When the uric acid crystallization goes on further, it precipitates around the ligaments where causes friction and sloughing off of the bones – causing arthritis. Excess protein in the body occurs when there is more protein breakdown than the normal breakdown from hemolysis.
To cure this problem, the first step is to stop eating for a whole day and instead just drink water continuously. This will cause more urination and the uric acid to dissolve back into the blood. After this, it is a matter of not consuming proteins like meat and eggs. There is also much to be said about regularly drinking coffee and expelling urine from the body. Exercise is the final part of the equation because this causes the circulation in the body to increase dramatically and prevent the buildup of uric acid crystals in the joints.

Other types of herbs that have a diuretic effect include horseradish and wasabi when consumed in the right quantities. Ensure that you fast for an entire day and drink a lot of water in the nights before going to bed at least once a week. You must also indulge in a vegetarian diet.

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