Cure for itchy and hot eyes

The eyes are a very important organ of our body and play a prominent role in our daily living. Any complications with our sight would have very drastic implications on the way we live our daily lives. Itchy eyes are a very common occurrence as eyes have the tendency to itch briefly for a few minutes on a regular basis. However, when the irritation is very intense or even chronic, the complication is likely to be more serious and would require urgent medical attention. There are a number of causes for itchy eyes. One of the most common is an eye allergy such as those that are triggered by pollen and dust – which is very abundant in our overly polluted atmosphere.

allergies are never contagious and therefore will not travel from one person to another by way of touch or any sort of interaction. However, the complications of the eye could equally likely be the result of a bacterial eye infection – which is a communicable condition. Some widely used make up and beautification kits also contain certain chemicals that are known to trigger severe eye itching, so you may want to double check the quality standard of the makeup you use. Itchy eyes are also commonly a common development when afflicted by the common cold. It is caused by a viral or bacterial microorganism and could affect individuals of any age, race or even gender equally.

However, since itchy eyes are a very common occurrence, there are a number of easy to use and prepare home remedies that are known to be extremely effective when dealing with itchy eyes. The main concern when treating the condition would be to soothe the affected tissue that is present around the eye. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to make a poultice of raw grated grapes and apply it over the affected area. Allow it to remain stagnant for some time before you wash it off with the help of some tap water. Papaya seeds, when rubbed on the extremities of the eyes as well as the eyelids are known to provide significant relief from any persistent irritation or inflammation. If the condition is the result of an allergy, the consumption of beet and carrot juice on a regular basis are known to help reduce the effects of the allergen. You can also create a homemade eyewash by boiling a small piece of ginger in water and use the mixture regularly to provide relief from the irritation.

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