Treatment for Sore Throat and Stuffy Nose: Describe the best treatment for a sore throat combined with a stuffy nose.

Sore throats and nasal congestion are among the most common of problems that we have to deal with. Whether caused by viral or bacterial infections, or simply as a reaction to irritants in our polluted atmosphere, natural remedies prepared with easily available home ingredients work quite well. Treatment with natural remedies is in fact preferable for conditions like these as they are extremely common and relatively frequently occurring. Resorting to conventional medications or pharmaceutical products is therefore not the best option as they are not only expensive, but frequent usage of pharmaceuticals can cause reactions and even create a resistance to drug usage, making the infection a lot harder to cure. Frequent usage of antibiotics is also ill advised as they not only destroy the harmful bacteria, but also healthy or good bacteria that are necessary for your health.

A sore throat and stuffy nose is not a serious ailment but it certainly can be annoying and even painful. The constant irritation particularly when eating or even swallowing your spit can drive you up a wall. Trying to get some rest at night can also be futile when your stuffy nose seems to be depriving you of air. There are however plenty of natural sore throat remedies that can help you treat the condition effectively at home:

  • The most effective treatment for a sore throat is of course the salt water gargle. A warm salt water gargle is the most effective treatment for a sore throat. As with many conventional treatments however this natural remedy will not seem effective if used in isolation. It is however a very potent remedy and the practice should be repeated at least thrice a day.
  • Sipping on some hot ginger tea through the course of the day can also help soothe your throat and help improve the nasal congestion as well.
  • The best treatment for both problems would be an aromatherapy steam inhalation procedure. Simply heat some water as for a normal steam inhalation and add a few drops of eucalyptus, peppermint or spearmint oil to the steaming water. This will help clear the nasal passages and also soothe the throat.
  • Holy Basil leaves can also be used to prepare another effective remedy. Boil some of the leaves in a cup of water and either gargle with the solution with warm, after straining the leaves, or drink it once cooled.

If the remedies produce no results even with dedicated application, make sure you visit a doctor within a few days.

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