Mustard plaster remedy for chest congestion

A mustard poultice is a time-honored therapy: Your great-grandmother may have used mustard poultices and plasters to treat congestion, coughs, bronchitis or pneumonia. A mustard plaster offers immediate relief to discomfort in the chest and actually helps to treat infectious conditions - a much needed therapy. It works mainly by increasing circulation, perspiration and heat in the afflicted area. The person receiving the treatment should sit or lie down comfortably. The best poultices are made from black mustard seeds ground fresh in a coffee grinder, but ordinary yellow mustard powder will do in a pinch. To prepare a mustard poultice, mix 1/2 cup mustard powder with 1 cup flour and stir hot water into the mix to form a paste. Spread the mixture on a piece of cotton or muslin has been soaked in hot water. Cover with a second piece of dry material. Lay the moist side of the poultice across the person's chest or back. Leave the poultice on for 15 to 30 minutes; promptly remove it if the person experiences any discomfort. The procedure is likely to promote perspiration and reddening of the chest. Give the individual plenty of liquids during the procedure and encourage her to take a warm or cool shower afterward, then rest or gently stretch for 1/2 hour. Do not administer this treatment to a young child, elderly person or the seriously ill without consulting a health care professional.

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Mustard plaster is a very effective natural remedy to get rid of chest congestion. Mustard has rubefacient properties which basically means that it has the ability to increase the blood circulation to the area of the skin that it comes in contact with. The pungency of the paste also helps to thin the mucus within the chest and allows it to be coughed up easily. Mustard paste contains volatile oils that can irritate the skin if it is applied directly to the skin. It is best to add the paste to a neutral base to prevent skin irritation.

Mix ½ tablespoons of mustard powder with about 2 tablespoons of all-purpose flour. Add a little water to this mixture so that it becomes a thick paste. Do not heat the mustard at any time as this will decrease the effectiveness of the remedy. Cut out two large pieces of clean cotton cloth so that each one is large enough to cover your entire chest. Apply a thick layer of this mustard paste onto the cloth and then place the cloth on your chest so that the cloth is directly in contact with your skin. Place the second piece of cloth on top of the mustard paste and use a long strip of clean cloth as a dressing to keep the mustard plaster in place. You can then wear an old shirt and keep this on for an entire day if possible. Wet the mustard paste very lightly every 3 hours or so or else it will dry up completely. You may feel a mild itching or burning sensation but this is completely normal. If the discomfort becomes too great, it would mean that the mustard plaster is too strong. You can then take it off and empty the plaster into a bowl along with a little water and some more flour. You can then reapply the plaster.

In addition to this mustard plaster, you can try other home remedies for chest congestion. Garlic is very effective ion treating congestion as it targets the root cause of the problem – the infection causing the congestion. Crush two pods of garlic and mix the paste in a glass of very warm water. Drink this tonic as it will help your body to fight off the infection. You can also include garlic in stews and broths and drink these throughout the day to replenish lost energy and nutrients.

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