My kid is suffering from cold-flemmy at the chest & cough-mostly at night times. He is of 4 and1/2 years old.

The main reasons for such allergies are external conditions. They also sometimes begin when children attend a playgroup. It may be one of the places where your child could have contracted the cold and cough. However these bouts of cold and cough are a necessary part of growing up, and help in building the child's immunity for the later years of life. The best way to manage a chest or nose congestion is to use steam inhalation or the application of an over the counter decongestant on the nose and the upper chest. Covering the child with a thick bed sheet or blanket after this also helps to provide comfort. Another tried and tested remedy is chicken soup — this works immediate wonders.

Avoid the consumption of excessive quantities of foods high in starch or refined sugars, and as far as possible incorporate plenty of green vegetables in your child s diet as they help build a stronger immune system. If your child does react badly to fruits like Sapodillas and orange, etc then it is best that you do avoid them, though no direct relation has been found between the occurrence of cold and cough and these particular fruits. A generally overlooked factor that causes a cold and congestion especially in children this young is dressing them in too many layers of clothes. The skin is not allowed to breathe properly and circulation is also affected. Do not let your child wear woolen undergarments and encourage him to wear thin cotton and linen materials. Finally, the best way to keep your child healthy and allergy free is to feed him a well balanced diet and encourage him to lead an active life that is stress free and fun.

answered by G M

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