Home remedies for crabs

Crabs are a type of louse that infests the pubic area although they may also migrate to the armpits or eyelashes. Crabs can cause a lot of intense itching and can even be the cause of secondary infections if you scratch the area and break the skin. It is very likely that you get crabs from your partner as they are known to pass from person to person though skin-to-skin contact. If your partner has crabs too, it is important that both of you use these remedies or else you will only land up getting re-infected. However, it is also possible that you got it by using the bedding, clothing or towel of some who had crabs.

Although the itching may be very intense, you must not scratch yourself. It is advisable that you cut your nails as short as possible. This is due to two reasons: for one- you will damage your skin and may get an infection and two- the crabs or nits (eggs) may get stuck under your nails and get transferred to other parts of your body and will cause an infestation there as well.

Although shaving may seem like a goo idea in order to get rid of the lice, it is not advisable as it may irritate the already tender skin. Clip your pubic hair very short so that any crabs will be easily visible. Wash yourself once with warm water and an antibacterial soap if you have scratched yourself. Soak a thick wad of clean cotton in a mixture of vinegar and water - equal quantities of both. Place this soaking wet wad over the entire pubic area and allow it to remain on for sometime. Make sure that the wad is pressed firmly against your skin. Leave this on for at least 30 minutes or so and if necessary add a little more of the vinegar water solution to the cotton from time to time. Mix a few spoons of lemon juice, honey, salt and sugar so that you have a thick granular mixture. Use this scrub to gently cleanse yourself and rid your skin of any nits. If the infestation has spread to the rest of your body, add an entire bottle of vinegar to your tub and add enough water to completely submerge your body. You can also boil a handful of Margosa leaves in a saucepan of water and add this to your bath water. Margosa leaves act as a natural pesticide and will help to get rid of this problem. Soak for at least 30 minutes and then use the lemon scrub to cleanse your entire body.

Make sure that you wash all your clothes and linen well after an infestation as this will prevent re-infestation.

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