My 3 year daughter is having nose block at sleeping time without having cold, she has dust allergy.

A nose block typically occurs when you are suffering from a cold or an allergic reaction; the mucus lining in the nasal passage is either inflamed or phlegm blocks the nasal passage, restricting nasal respiration. However, apart from allergies and a common cold, the flu, sinus infections, and blockages in the nasal passage such as growths and deformities could also cause a nose block.

A nose block leads to difficulty in breathing and also disrupts sleep. In fact, it can be fatal for infants and kids. As such, obtaining timely treatment for nose block is necessary to relieve the condition. How to get rid of a blocked nose? There are various natural nose unblock remedies that you can use to help alleviate the condition. Some of the common blocked nose remedies are as follows:

  • One of the most effective nose unblock remedies is the use of carom seeds. Powder a few carom seeds and place the powder in cotton cloth beside your pillow before going to bed.
  • Another effective nose unblock remedy is to use of black pepper. Eat a few baked black pepper seeds every morning or inhale the vapors by preparing a black pepper infusion.
  • Cardamom seeds are also good for clearing nasal blocks. Inhale the vapors of cardamom seeds burnt on a coal fire.
  • You can also use aromatherapy to get rid of a blocked nose. Tea tree essential oil is an antiseptic and has antimicrobial properties. You can use it to relieve colds and allergies, thereby clearing the blocked nose.
  • Another nose unblock remedy involves the use of eucalyptus oil. Its strong and pungent aroma immediately clears nasal congestion, facilitating easy respiration.
  • You can also consume onion juice or its extract with a bit of honey to relieve nasal congestion.
  • Another effective remedy to cure a blocked nose is steam inhalation. You can add some menthol or camphor or tea tree essential oil to boiling water and inhale the vapors to clear the nasal passage.
  • Drinking a glass of fruit juice with a few drops of oregano oil will also help ease nasal congestion. Ginger tea can also be consumed thrice a day for the same.
  • You can also prepare a nasal ointment by blending spearmint and peppermint essential oils in petroleum jelly and applying it on the sides of your nose.
  • Avoid consuming oily and spicy foods, dairy products, and carbonated drinks to prevent the condition from aggravating.

You should consult a doctor if your nose remains blocked for more than three to four days.

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