What Do You Put On Blisters?

Blisters are small sacks of clear fluid that appear on the surface of the skin. A blister could appear as a result of any of the following causes: constant rubbing against a particular surface or material, freezing, burning and infections. In some cases, blisters may also develop as a result of chemical exposure. Blisters are generally filled with plasma, which is also known as serum, this is a clear fluid. However, blisters could also contain blood or pus, when infected.

Let us evaluate the most common causes of blisters, and the measures that one can take, in order to avoid this painful situation in the future.

Blisters Caused Due to Friction:

  • Blisters can sometimes be caused by constant rubbing of the skin against a particular object or material. A classic example of this would be the soles of the feet that rub against the shoes, or the friction caused due to jeans rubbing against the skin on our thighs. This action of constant rubbing creates friction, thus leading to the formation of a blister.
  • You can avoid foot blisters by wearing comfortable shoes that have a snug fit. Avoid wearing shoes that are tight as they will cut into your skin and cause blisters. You could consider putting powder in your shoes before stepping into it. Wear pants that do not stick to your thighs. Also if your blister has appeared due to friction from any other material being in constant contact with your body, wear a looser - more comfortable size of the clothing in concern.

Blisters Caused Due to Chemical Exposure:

  • Each individual’s skin reacts to chemicals differently. Sensitive skin cannot bear the chemical compounds present in detergents, creams, soaps and cleaning solutions. Allergic reactions to chemicals may also lead to blisters.
  • If this holds true in your case, use gloves while handling any of the above mentioned chemical agents.

Blisters heal by themselves and do not need any specialized treatment. An antiseptic ointment applied externally would help reduce the burning sensation caused by a blister. Aloe vera gel can also be applied topically in order to speed up the healing process. You should keep the area surrounding the blister clean, as a dirty surface could lead to an infection. The new skin that grows beneath the blister soaks in the serum, leveling the skin.

However, blood blisters and blisters caused as a result of an infection need specialized care and anti biotic treatment. Therefore, if you are suffering from a blood or infection - caused blisters, it is best that you visit your family doctor or specialist at the earliest. Your doctor will be able to administer the most appropriate treatment for your condition.

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