I'm taking lasix and I am still bloated any thing else I could try to reduce the fluid faster.

  • Rub warm mustard oil on the area with edema. It is a very effective method in reducing edema.
  • Parsley and alfalfa are natural diuretic plants. You can boil 2tsp parsley in water and drink 3 times a day, or can add parsley in form of salads or vegetables in your meal as it helps clean your blood with toxins and promote its excretion via kidneys. 
  • Hydrate your self with lots of water as it will help elimination of toxins from the body.
  • Salt causes water retention in the body. Minimize salt intake in food and also minimize foods rich in sodium. Avoid canned/bottled foods, processed foods, junk foods, ketchups, pickles, smoked meat, salted sausages/pork, salted popcorn/chips/nuts and ready to eat foods.
  • Sleep with your feet resting on a pillow, to improve circulation in legs and decreasing edema in legs. Also while sitting on a couch rest your feet on a small support below. 
  • Exercise regularly or be physically active to keep the body cells and muscles toned thus avoiding excess accumulation of fluids in the cells.
  • Avoid the consumption of alcohol, tea, coffee/caffeinated drinks and smoking.

answered by S P

Lasix is most effective used for fluid on the lung, I have not seen it ever used effectively for bloating.  Can you be a little more specific as to where the bloating has occurred?

answered by J R M

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