Bloated Stomach Treatment: My Height Is 164 Cm And Weight Is 56Kg. I Look Slim But I Have A Bloated Stomach. Suggest Me Some Home Remedies To Cure A Bloated Stomach.

Since you did not mention any secondary problems, you might be facing like constipation and diarrhea, your digestive system seems to be in good condition. The bloated feel and the bulge in the middle that you are experiencing is because your intake of food at one go is so much that over time, your stomach has grown bigger to accommodate the vast amount.

The stomach walls are all fundamentally muscle; and just like any muscle, when it works out it eventually grows bigger. For the stomach, exercise comes in the form of eating. You would have to reduce the amount you eat at one go and increase the number of meals that you have. It is a common misconception that many people have that the stomach should be treated like a gas tank and that mealtimes are like the pulling into the gas station. The body works completely differently and in most cases, we really do not eat when we are hungry but when it is convenient. Start to combat overeating by reducing the amount you eat to three-quarters of your usual portion and time your eating in such a way that your meal last twenty minutes. This is because of a mechanism in the brain that tells you of fullness after twenty minutes of eating. The next step is to eat only when you are hungry and compulsorily to eat when you are. Avoid very fatty foods and try fruits in between the three meals a day. To ensure that food spends as little time in the stomach as possible, chew on a clove before a meal, as this increases the acid production in your stomach and have some peppermint gum after a meal to allow for the release of gases after the meal.

To accommodate the possibility of subcutaneous fat deposits, you must also exercise your abdominal muscles. The best exercise for this is to hook your feet under a solid, sturdy structure while lying down flat on the ground. Stretch your arms out behind your head and pull yourself upright into a sitting position using only your stomach muscles. Since the majority of the stress is on the stomach muscles, this exercise will help burn off excess fat deposits. Alternatively, lie on your back and raise your legs slowly until you feel the stress and weight of your legs on your stomach. Swimming is one of the best exercises to increase muscle tone in general and burn off fat.

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An increasing number of people are struggling with weight problems and obesity. Apart from the health factor involved in obesity, people are getting increasingly conscious of their body image and want to be in shape. Ideal weight for the person is decided by the person's age and body size and you should consult a dietician to know your ideal weight. Always remember to stay within a couple of kilos of the advised ideal weight. If you are otherwise slim, but don't have a flat stomach, you should exercise regularly to cut down on the bell fat. A combination of aerobic exercises and a healthy diet will help you to cut down in the belly fat and obtain a flat stomach. Consult an aerobics instructor for the best exercises or enroll yourself in a gym where they will coach you through the best exercises to reduce your belly fat and obtain a washboard flat stomach. If you do not like aerobics or gym exercises, the other alternative is yoga. There are many yoga asanas that will help you to reduce the weight around your stomach. Sun Salutations done regularly can help you achieve your goal.

Your diet should be rich in complex carbohydrates and fiber and exclude as far as possible, refined and fried foods. Consume a glass of warm water along with the juice of half a lemon and a tsp of honey first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. This helps to melt the fat and clear the system. Have plenty of raw or steamed vegetables and salads with whole grain bread or wheat tortillas. Also eat plenty of fresh fruits and have fresh fruit juices or coconut water instead of aerated drinks. You should avoid milk products and non-vegetarian food since this is high in fat content. Similarly avoid rice and potato, which are rich sources of carbohydrates. Certain vegetables like bitter gourd and bitter drumsticks are beneficial to lose weight. Apart from this, spices like dry ginger, black pepper and cinnamon are recommended to lose weight and should be used in good quantity in your food preparations. Carrot juice and mint tea consumed regularly are also recommended for weight loss.

Your focus however should not be on simply losing weight and reducing your belly, but improving your overall health by sticking a healthy diet and exercise regime. Instead of resorting to drastic methods to quickly eliminate your belly fat and reduce weight, you should try and build up your stamina and lose weight gradually.

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