how to cure scabies naturally?

Scabies is quite a common skin infection that can be extremely discomforting. It causes the appearance of small blisters and itchy bumps because of tiny mites that burrow in the upper layer of the skin to lay eggs. The scabies mite is a very tiny parasitic and crab like creature that thrives just beneath the skin surface. The scabies mite produces distinctive eruptions that are slightly raised and recognizable as crooked lines stretching from around one to two centimeters. The itchy bumps and blisters are caused due their burrowing to lay eggs. The activity of these mites causes an intense itching that can be completely aggravating, particularly when attempting to get some sleep at night.

The itching is particularly intense after a hot bath or at night, but you need to resist the urge to scratch as it could damage or break the skin leading to a secondary infection. The most important thing for you to keep in mind is that the infection is extremely contagious and can be transmitted through direct physical contact, sexual contact, or in a crowded environment where you are in close proximity with others as in a nursing home or child care center. For this reason if you or any other family member is exposed to the infection it would be wise to commence treatment before the symptoms develop.

Household items need to be cleansed thoroughly and after vacuuming the household thoroughly the vacuum cleaner bag should also be disposed of. All clothing and linen should be washed thoroughly in hot water. Re-infection is the biggest threat and also the possibility of passing on the infection to others in the household.

To effectively fight of the infection you will need to strengthen your immune system by boosting your intake of zinc. Some of the good dietary so0urces would include sesame seeds, egg yolks, turkey, fish and whole grain breads. Treat the affected areas with tea tree oil, but first use a test patch as tea tree oil is extremely strong and you are normally advised to dilute it. Do this twice a day. Homeopathic treatments recommend sulphur pills to be administered every 12 hours to every member of the household.

Neem leaves or margosa leaves are extremely useful for bathing and cleansing as they posses antiseptic properties. You can use soaps with neem leave extracts and water boiled with neem leaves for cleansing purposes. You can also massage some neem oil onto the affected areas very gently for relief. A warm water bath with oats added can provide symptomatic relief. Avoid using commercial soaps as the chemicals in them tend to aggravate itching.

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