How effective is the mixture of lemon and honey on dark lips?

Lemon and honey is a very effective treatment for dark lips. However, if this discoloration is caused by smoking, this treatment will have minimal effects until you quit smoking. Excess caffeine can also cause lip discoloration and so it would be wise to eliminate or reduce your intake.

Lemon juice is a natural bleach and can be used to eliminate skin discoloration. This also includes body or facial blemishes. However, lemon juice reacts with sunlight and causes darkening. It is therefore, important that you wash off all traces of lemon juice before you go outdoors. Honey is rich in various amino acids, nutrients and minerals. It is used to nourish the hair, skin and body and reduce blemishes.

Make sure that you always use fresh lemon juice and if possible use raw honey. Processed honey has less nutritive value as compared to raw honey as many of its nutrients are lost during processing. Mix a few drops of the lemon juice and honey and apply the mixture to your lips. If you have dry lips you can add a drop of flaxseed oil to the mixture before you apply it. Flaxseed oil is rich in omega acids and will keep your lips well moisturized. You can also add a few drops of onion juice to your mixture to increase its effectiveness. It is best to use this treatment just before you go to bed.

You can also use lemon juice and honey along with sugar as a lip scrub. Mix a little sugar in with your lemon-honey mixture. Allow it to sit undisturbed for about 3 minutes and then mix it once more for about 30 seconds. This will ensure that the corners of the sugar crystals dissolve, leaving the sugar cubes rounded and non-abrasive. Make sure that you scrub your lips gently as they are extremely delicate and excess pressure can cause scarring.

If you find this scrub too abrasive, you can soak a few walnuts and almonds overnight in a bowl of warm water. The next morning, crush the nuts lightly so that you have a smooth thick coarse paste. Add the lemon juice and honey to this paste and use it to scrub your lips. Nuts are high in fatty acids and nutrients and help to nourish and moisturize your lips.

After you have scrubbed your lips, Rinse your lips with warm water. Warm water will help to stimulate circulation but it will also cause your lips to become dry; so make sure that you use a lip moisturizer every time you wash your lips. You can make your own moisturizer by mixing equal amounts of almond oil, olive oil, coconut oil and distilled water. Pour these ingredients in a bottle and shake it well so that the contents mix well and then use the liquid to moisturize your lips.

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