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i have white discharges the whole month in small amounts though not regularly. they cease before and after menstruation. again they start after a few days. what is the problem. kindly advise.

What Are Some Of The Natural Cures For White Vaginal Discharge?

In order to treat vaginal discharge at home, women should ensure that they include as much fibrous foods in their daily diet. Raw vegetables and oat bran are especially good. Alternatively during any vaginal discharge treatment women should avoid eating foods like mushrooms, cheese, chocolates, fermented foods, ham, pickles and so on. Home remedies for white discharge in women also includes the use of okra. For this natural vaginal discharge treatment, boil some okra in water for around 20 minutes. Strain the water and also add some sugar to this strained water to enhance the taste. Consume this mixture in small amounts at regular intervals. As part of the home remedies for white discharge in women, one should also ensure that they wear loose fitting cotton underwear as far as possible and immediately wipe themselves dry with a clean towel after bathing or after swimming. Avoid douching the vaginal area as this will further aggravate the bacterial infection and increase the white discharge. Home remedies for white discharge in women also include the consumption as well as topical application of plain yogurt near the vaginal area.

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Is there any diet that is effective in treating vaginal discharge

Vaginal discharge is one of the common symptoms of a yeast infection in women. It may occur due to hygiene reasons, hormonal imbalances or even a poor diet. To stop vaginal discharge one should also modify their diet to include foods that are known to contain yeast such as refined foods, bread, fermented foods, mushroom, red meats,  and foods that are known to rich in carbohydrates and sugar. On the other hand the diet for vaginal discharge should include foods like millet, plain yogurt, brown rice, limes and lemons, citrus fruits such as oranges and grapefruits, fresh leafy vegetables, vinegar, cinnamon, cranberries and garlic. Another important aspect of the diet for vaginal discharge is that one should consume plenty of fresh drinking water  as this helps in getting rid of unwanted toxins in ones body  and will also make one feel refreshed and hydrated. The diet for vaginal discharge should also avoid fried foods and spicy foods as well as foods that are high in sugar and high cholesterol foods. To stop vaginal discharge one should also try and minimize their stress levels by taking up yoga or meditation that are known to calm the person and relax the mind.

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What are the causes of white discharge in women?

Normally, there is a small amount of fluid discharge that takes place from the female reproductive tract. During menstruation, the discharge will be heavier. However, when the woman experiences a whitish discharge when she isn’t menstruating, there may be an issue. There are some common causes of white discharge in women which can be treated simply. The most common causes of this problem include bacterial and fungal infections in the genital area of the person. One may pick up these infections because of environmental factors and because of factors that affect one’s own personal health such as changes in the hormone balance and body chemistry.

Infections are classified as abnormal reasons for discharge in women, different from reasons such as menstruation. Women who have this problem should thoroughly clean their genital area and also make sure that it is properly dry. Treatment for such a problem is something that should be left to the judgment of a doctor. It is not recommended to self medicate, as sometimes there could be some more serious underlying problem. Sexual activity must not take place during this time as this could lead to the spread of infection from the infected woman to her partner.

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How can a I get rid of white vaginal discharge?

There are a number of home remedies which can help you get rid of vaginal discharge. These home remedies can be used in addition to prescription medication and rarely present any serious side effects. One of the best ways to get rid of vaginal discharge is by directly applying yogurt on the infection site or by inserting a tampon dipped in yogurt into the vagina. This remedy can be continued till the vaginal discharge stops completely. Two tablespoons of aloe vera juice can be mixed with honey and consumed three times a day for preventing clear white vaginal discharge.

This remedy is best used two weeks after the menstrual periods. Another effective home remedy to get rid of vaginal discharge is a mixture of a glass of hot water, one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and honey. This mixture should be had first thing every morning for best results.

Application of diluted tea tree oil in the vagina can also help prevent and treat clear white vaginal discharge. Apart from these home remedies, in order to get rid of vaginal discharge it is also important to stay away from yeast containing foods like breads, fermented foods, mushrooms, red meats and sugary and refined foods.

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White vaginal discharge can be normal or abnormal. Normal vaginal discharge does not cause any discomfort and it is usually physiological. In case of infection, there is an abnormal vaginal discharge. It is possible that you may be having vaginal yeast infection. There are many natural home remedies for vaginal yeast infection. If home treatment does not work for you, please speak to a doctor for a personalized opinion so he can study your individual case and treat you accordingly.

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