how can i find a list of ailments and their tea remedies?


To find list of ailments: On your left hand side navigation, you can view a whole list of ailments and conditions. You will not just home remedies for common ailments but also their symptoms, causes, diet, other suggestions and tips, FAQs and user suggestions from people such as yourself who would like to ask questions or share their experiences about certain remedies or talk about remedies that they may have benefited from.

Tea remedies: I'm not sure what you mean by tea remedies. Are you asking for remedies using tea? Off hand, I can remember that soaking feet in tea is a great natural cure to treat athletes foot and other fungal infections. Various herbal teas have different therapeutic effects. In general, herbal teas are useful for decongestion during colds, fevers, respiratory illnesses such as asthma, brochitis and so on. Chamomile tea induces good sleep and it is soothing for the nerves. Green tea is an excellent anti-oxidant, great for your heart, slows down aging and promotes good health. Please scroll through the list of health conditions and check out home remedies which will be useful to you.

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