I am a man of 25 years, with 59 Kg weight. I want to revive my sexual power as it is no more present. I have very little testest, where i feel pain even if I touch it. please advise me with detail prescription.

A man's sex drive, more often than not, will usually make up a huge part of his ego and confidence. As a result, it has been scientifically proven that men suffering from sexual insecurity will usually suffer from low self confidence as well as self image. However, because of the fact that a lot of people consider the bedroom performance of a man is something personal added to the fact that any problems in that area could easily turn into a joke on that individual, it is easy to see why a lot of men do not talk very openly about their problems. However, there are many factors that could be responsible for this occurrence and some of the more common causes of decreased sex drive in men include stress, problems in a relationship, being overworked or simply just feeling too tired. While the more common sexual problem that men face is erectile dysfunction, because of the fact that a decrease in libido is not as regularly experienced, a lot of people are not aware of its occurrence.

Some of the other causes of decreased sex drive in men include habits such as alcoholism, drug abuse, overeating as well as anemia. Certain medications are also known to cause a decrease in the libido of individual while medical complications such as low testosterone levels and hyperprolactinaemia are also known to be the primary causes in some cases.

The lifestyle factors that play their part in loss of desire in men should never be ignored as they contribute significantly to the individual's ability to perform. Because of the fact that the condition is a relatively common, albeit hardly spoken of, one - there are a few home remedies for sexual power that one can try and use to see if it helps boost the desires. Altering your diet to incorporate certain foods will help substantially. For instance, there are a few natural aphrodisiacs for men that are regularly used in the treatment of sexual drive. Celery, for instance, is known to be a very potent food source when it comes to boosting your sexual drive. Oysters are very well known aphrodisiacs all over the world primarily because of their high zinc content which helps to raise testosterone and sperm production - thereby raising a man's interest in sexual activity. Moreover, the consumption of raw oysters is considered to be rather erotic as well, allowing you to use it as a part of foreplay - which will also help increase one's interest in sexual activity. Bananas are a fruit that we regularly consume without realizing that its high bromelain content is known to increase libido as well as reverse the condition of impotency in men. Given the fact that they are also very rich in vitamin content means that they are also very healthy foods in general consumption.

Yoga is known to be a very beneficial discipline when it comes to helping the body deal with a number of physical problems. There are a few moves when it comes to yoga for sex power improvement as well. The primary benefits of yoga for sexual power revolve around the fact that the discipline helps make you stronger, more flexible and will also help boost your overall confidence. Although the best link between yoga and sex is when you perform he discipline in tandem with your partner, one yoga pose is said to help substantially. This is the Kneeling Core Plank. To perform this pose, you will need to kneel on your knees and place your hands on the floor, spread your fingers wide and your fingertips firm into the yoga mat - so as to flex the arm muscles. The next step is to inhale while keeping your hips squared and then lifting your right leg high and sweeping it over to your chest while exhaling simultaneously. The knee should then round your back and engage your abs before you squeeze and lift your pelvic floor muscles to imitate a kegel exercise. Repeat this motion a few times for each side. Studies show that this position, while having no direct impact on your libido, does a lot for the sexy spots of your body - thereby boosting your self image as well as confidence significantly - making your interest in sex already increasing.

Sex is an important part of proper living as scientific studies have shown that people who engage regularly in sexual activity tend to have healthier hearts as well as healthier reproductive organs. Another factor to consider when it comes to decreased libido, one should not discount the effect that a feeling of routine as well as monotony in the bedroom is also known to affect a person's libido substantially. As a result, it is important to make sure that you consult a specialist in the event that there are some other issues that need sorting out.

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