My 1 year 3 months old daughter has caught cold. She has severe cough with mild fever since last 3 days which aggravates at night and mornings.

The common cold is usually a minor problem that is resolved on its own without any intervention. Often, it is accompanied by a cough as a result of the nasal fluids that tend to irritate the throat. This too is usually mild, and disappears soon after the cold has cleared up. However, with very small children it is usually advisable to consult a doctor if there seems to be no improvement within five or six days. This is especially important in a case where the child is also suffering from a fever, such as that of your daughter. To be on the safe side, it is advisable that you consult a doctor right away.

If there is a more severe infection than just a common cold, your doctor will prescribe the necessary treatment. If on the other hand it is only a common cold, there are some simple measures that you can take to give your daughter relief from her symptoms. One of the best home remedies for the nasal congestion that is a common symptom of the cold is steam inhalation. This can be done by running hot water into a tub in your bathroom, and then stepping in with your child once the room has filled up with steam. Alternatively, you could fill up a basin with hot water, and have your child hold her head over the basin while covered with a towel. The bathroom option is usually better for small children, as the basin technique can be a bit scary for them. A nasal saline spray is also helpful in clearing up a blocked nose. For this, simply mix some salt and sugar in water, and spray a small amount of it into the nasal passages.

In addition to this, you should ensure that your child drinks lots of water. This will keep the nasal secretions fluid, thus reducing congestion. For the cough, a mixture of honey and ginger juice is excellent. It is advisable to avoid honey for children who are not yet a year old, but since your daughter has completed a year, honey is quite safe. Most children naturally love the taste of honey, so this is one remedy that your daughter will look forward to, and you can use it to coax her into the other, more unpleasant ones. Apart from this, simply ensure that your daughter gets plenty of sleep and eats well, so that her has enough strength to fight the infection.

answered by G M

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