Frequent Urination & Steady Pain in Gall Bladder after Intercourse

The gall bladder is an important part of the digestive system that contains the bile which eventually flows into the liver. At times, calcium deposits form stones in the gall bladder and cause many serious complications. One of the primary gallbladder symptoms is abdominal pain that is accompanied by the frequent urge to urinate. Sometimes, infections of the gall bladder can be further aggravated by the consumption of a high fat meal. High fat meals put a certain amount of strain on the gall bladder, causing inflammation and pain of the same. Gall bladder attacks are considered to be dangerous because they could lead to extensive liver damage.

Sexual intercourse also tends to put a certain amount of stress on the gall bladder and the various sections of the reproductive system. Since all these systems are inter connected, the gall bladder will function simultaneously and cause abdominal pain. After intercourse, most people feel the need to urinate. In the case of women who are trying to conceive, urinating after intercourse is not advisable as it tends to dislodge the sperm and prevent it from fertilizing the egg that has been released into the uterus.

In order to rid ones self of gall bladder complications, home remedies such as a clear fluid diet are recommended. A clear fluid diet is one that does not allow the consumption of any solid or semi solid particles of food. Besides this, the liquid diet should contain all the nutrients required by the body in order for it to function normally. Fruit and vegetable juices are recommended for their highly nutritious content. Drinking plenty of water on a daily basis is known to help clear out the system of any toxins from the body, thereby removing particles that could lead to calcification in the bile ducts and the gall bladder. Carrot and beetroot, when juiced, are believed to be the best remedy for infections of the gall bladder, and are recommended for the same purpose. Dandelion juice, when consumed with a vegetarian diet, helps to relieve inflammation from the gall bladder, thereby relieving the afflicted person from pain and discomfort. High protein meals, containing fish, meat, cheese, eggs and other high protein foods should be avoided as they place a strain on the liver, thereby straining the gall bladder. In all cases of gall bladder complications, it is necessary to visit a doctor to solicit medical advice. Depending upon the extent of infection to the gall bladder, the doctor would advise you on what step is to be taken next.

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