Gall bladder alternative medicine for pain?

Gallbladder symptoms are often an indication of a faulty diet, but may also occur because of food intolerances or simply because of aging. Gallbladder inflammation and gallstones are two common gallbladder conditions that are known to cause severe pain in the abdominal region. Assuming that you have gotten a medical diagnosis and there is no presence of gallstones, you most likely suffer from gallbladder inflammation. Food intolerances here being the main cause, you would need to re-examine your diet, and follow a rigorous diet to resolve the condition.

Dietary changes form such an important aspect of your treatment because, the gallbladder has a very important role to play in the digestive process as it stores and releases bile into the digestive tract when needed. Bile which is produced by liver is essential for the break down of fats. A diet that is rich in fats therefore puts undue stress on the gallbladder and liver, significantly aggravating the problem and accentuating the pain. It is therefore of the utmost importance that you eliminate all fatty foods from your diet, from milk and milk products, to animal fats, and even chocolates. Your gallbladder and liver need a chance to rest and a fruit diet would be the ideal solution.

Fruits like carrots, grapes, melons, and oranges, and dry fruits like dates, as well as garlic, tomatoes and onions would make for healthy additions to your diet. Beetroot is also widely recommended and you can even consume it in the fresh juice form. An all fruit diet for a few days would be very beneficial, since it also works as a de-tox diet, cleansing the liver, and giving the digestive system a chance to rejuvenate. Fruit juices and water would be a great source of fluid, but make sure that you do not consume any caffeinated or alcoholic drinks. Do not consume foods that have a high content of refined carbohydrates or sugar either.

Warm compresses may help relieve the pain during a gallbladder attack, but another remedy that is quite popular may also help. Make a castor oil pack with a piece of flannel cloth and apply it over the area. You can either apply heating pads over it or simply warm the oil before applying it. Leave this on for around half an hour and repeat this at least once a day.

If dietary changes and such natural remedies do not solve your condition, but only provide temporary relief it would be best that you consult a doctor for an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.

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