Tips for flat moles and dark spots on face

Any unpleasant developments on the face can have a very damaging effect on our aesthetic appeal. This in turn can cause a number of people a significant amount of stress and worry, especially if there seems to be no logical explanation for these developments. Facial appearance is highly regarded in today’s fast paced world. The growth of the cosmetic industry and the availability of a variety of creams and lotions makes the situation still worse. The development of flat moles on your skin can be quite disheartening and their development can be significantly exaggerated if you have comparatively fair skin. In all probability, you are suffering from a condition known as Dermatosis papulosa nigra. Although this is known to most commonly affect dark skinned people or people of Asian ancestry it could very well affect anyone else also. The cause of the condition is still largely unknown, but about half of the people affected by it are known to have traces of the condition in their family tree. Women are also seen to be affected at a much higher percentage as compared to men. The condition will usually start to develop during the adolescent years of the individual and increase in prominence as well as population with age.

It is also important to remember that the development of these flat moles on your skin could be the result of nothing more than the over – exposure of your skin to the sunlight.

Because of the fact that the sudden development of moles is not all that uncommon, there are a number of home remedies that will prove to be particularly useful in getting rid of them to some degree. Squeezing a clove of garlic and placing it over the area that needs cleansing before covering it with a bandage is known to be very effective in reducing the prominence of skin moles. You could also try crushing some vitamin C tablets and applying the powder over the spotted area of the skin, holding it in place with the help of an adhesive bandage. Castor oil is very beneficial in the treatment of moles and should be gently massaged into the area of the mole at least twice daily for best results. It is also essential that you avoid going outdoors when possible as any over exposure of your skin to the sun could cause the moles to become more prominent. If going out in the sun is completely unavoidable, make it a point to protect your skin with the help of a suitable sunscreen lotion.

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