What can I use to stop moles from growing on my face? Someone told me that cucumbers help reduce moles, but it hasn't worked for me. How can I get rid of moles?

Moles are usually pink, reddish or dark brown in color and are quite common. What causes them remains a mystery and they usually occur within the first twenty years of life.

Moles are usually harmless but the raised ones that appear occasionally may be uncomfortable. For the sake of aesthetics, most people want to get rid of moles. To get rid of moles on your face you should consult your dermatologist, as this is the safest option. Avoid trying to remove moles that are irregular in shape and those that protrude, itch or bleed. Avoid using any of the “mole removal kits” as their efficacy has not been proven.

You can try natural mole removal methods at home, but these should only be attempted in the case of small moles. There is no guarantee that they will work.  A list of these home remedies for moles would include:
  • Fresh pineapple juice can be applied to the mole. This should be repeated 3 to 4 times daily. You should see some results after about 1 week.
  • Secure a piece of ripe banana peel against the mole using sticking plaster. Make sure that the inner part of the peel is touching the mole. Replace the banana peel every day after bathing.
  • Cut a piece of cauliflower stalk and rub it on the mole every few hours. You can also try daubing a bit of cauliflower juice on the mole.
  • Cut a pod of garlic in two and secure it over the mole using a sticking plaster. Replace the garlic every day after bathing. You should notice some difference after about 1 week.
  • Juice derived from the stalks of figs can be applied to the mole. You can also grind several stalks to form a paste and apply it to the mole.
  • Soak a cotton swab in apple cider vinegar and hold it to the mole for about 15 minutes. Repeat this 4 to 5 times daily for about 1 week. Apply petroleum to the neighboring skin area to prevent it from drying.
Before trying any of these home remedies, consult your doctor to make sure that the mole is harmless.

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Try this - Make a paste of castor oil and baking soda. Soak a gauze with this paste and tape it over the mole. Leave this overnight. This should reduce and possible remove your moles. If this still doesnt work,seek professional help.

answered by P P

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