I can't regulate my body temperature while I sleep

While you are sleeping, your body temperature is automatically regulated. You do not need to do anything to regulate your body temperature. However, there is a phenomenon known as night fever. It is a problem that some people encounter and it has a definite medical reason for occurrence. Night fever is more a symptom rather than a disease. So chances are that if you are suffering from night fever, you will most likely be suffering from something else that is causing the night fever. The first thing you need to do is get a medical examination which will reveal the cause of your fever. This of course would be needed only if you have a night fever in the first place. If you are worried about the general rise in temperature of your body at night, please understand that this is completely normal. When the body is at total rest and all cuddled up in blankets and sheets, there will be an automatic rise in temperature. This is however very marginal and makes absolutely no difference to the normal regulations of your body. There is nothing you can really do about it to reduce this marginal rise in body temperature.

If you are suffering from night fever, you may want to examine and determine if you are suffering from any sort of limited infection. A small infection can also lead to this symptom. Check for urinary tract infection, or even a minor cut or scrape that could have become infected. One of the other typical reasons for night fever is malaria. There are tests which would reveal if you have malaria but even for that you would need to visit a doctor. If you have some other problem like a powerful heat stroke or a sudden high fever, then too you could be suffering from raised body temperature at night. If your temperature reaches higher than 101 degrees Fahrenheit, then you would most likely need emergency medical attention. Please do not delay this, as it could be a potentially serious problem. Sometimes, there could also be some internal sources for your body temperature rising above its normal level at certain times of the day. These would be detected if you went for a complete physical check up. If this phenomenon persists for more than a couple of weeks, you are advised to promptly consult a doctor without any further delay and check up on the situation.

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