How do you get rid of gas that is right under your breast that won't move?

The formation of gas is a natural occurrence. Mostly, it is the air that we swallow while eating and drinking that causes gas formation in the digestive tract. The bacteria living in the colon also ferment the food that is not properly digested in the small intestine, leading to the formation of gas. The most common symptoms are sudden, short stabs of pain in the stomach which then move to other parts of the body like the back and the chest. This happens when there is an excessive build-up of gas, which the body is unable to release either through burping or flatulence. This gas then rises up into the chest cavity, causing pain and congestion.

The most effective way to prevent the formation of gas is to avoid foods that cause this condition. Cut down your intake of beans, cabbage, peas, prunes and onions. You should also reduce your intake of fibrous foods, and drink plenty of water every day. Also, stay away from carbonated and fizzy drinks, as well as alcohol, especially wine and dark beer. It is also commonly observed that many people suffer from lactose intolerance, so avoiding milk and dairy products is another means of preventing gas formation. Since it is the air swallowed during eating that is a major cause of gas, make sure that you chew your food well and slowly, without speaking in between. Smoking sometimes causes the unintentional gulping down large amounts of air which may cause gas in the digestive system, so quitting smoking.

answered by G M

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