My face gets red with heat, rubbing, sun and hot showers. What can it be as I get upset for no apparent reason? I started getting blemishes and dark spots left from them and when I blush they turn darker. Please help?

The description you have provided sounds like a case of extremely thin and light colored skin. If you indeed have that kind of skin, there is really very little you can do about the situation. You certainly cannot change your skin! Some people are born with skin that has an extremely thin top layer and due to this, blood rushing to the surface shows up very quickly and clearly on this kind of skin. The thing is that the blood rushing up to the surface of your skin is completely normal. That the redness remains for a while is also normal. Remember that the blood that has rushed up does not rush back down as easily. It tends to stay for a while and will only gradually recede. This is also very normal and if your skin were not so thin and light in color, you would also not be able to see it, like anyone else does. While you cannot really do much to change the texture of your skin, you can certainly take steps to protect it from this undesirable problematic situation. To begin with, make it a rule never to step out of your house without applying any suntan lotion. This will help to prevent any kind of darkness of the skin due to tanning. If you are troubled with your skin turning red due to using hot water, then you should also try to bathe with tepid or slightly cool water. This is also a pretty common occurrence especially in people who have extremely fair skin. Rubbing the skin can also bring the blood rushing to the surface. In case of sensitive skin, this is also a small and mild kind of injury. The best thing you can do is avoid doing this repeatedly.

As for the blemishes you have mentioned, you would also be prone to them because you have delicate and sensitive skin. This would also lead to blemishes forming at the slightest touch or any external factor or injury. All you can do is be careful and try to avoid any kind of smallest injury as well. This would also include rubbing your face too hard or using your nails on your face. You can also make it a point to apply aloe vera gel each night to help prevent this. This method will take time, but it will work on healing the smallest nicks and scratches from your face too.

answered by G M

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