Is there a home remedy for eye infections?

Trying to use a home remedial method for an eye infection is not a safe or a good idea. The eye is an extremely delicate as well as essential organ that is very elementary to your survival. There is absolutely no reason you should be trifling with something like an infection in this part of your anatomy. You are advised to see an eye doctor and get your infection diagnosed accurately in the first place. If you are afflicted with something major and serious, it will not really simply go away using home remedies. Chances are you will have to take a proper course of antibiotics in order to get rid of your infection. If your infection is a mild one and only topical or a surface infection, then you may be able to take care of it at home. However, whatever the case would be, only a doctor can make an accurate diagnosis. A doctor would recommend a physical examination of your eye. You are repeatedly and strongly advised to get a proper medical examination done.

If you have something like a mild infection, you can try to cleanse your eye first. Use plain tepid tap water for this purpose. This will be your best option, rather than trying to use anything that may perhaps be chemical in nature. You can also pick up a saline eye cleansing liquid from any pharmacy. This is easily available over the counter and you should not have any problem using it if you follow the instructions provided on the packaging either. Once you have cleansed your eye, you can take a single drop of honey and add three drops of water to this. This can be used to clean out the infected part of your eye. Keep in mind that honey has the tendency to sting the eye. It will hurt quite a lot for a few seconds. But this will pass, and your eye will also have been cleansed two ways. The first part of the job will be done with the honey and the second part of the job will be done with the water that will stream out of your eye generously due to the honey. Another method you can use is to take a clove and scrub it vigorously in a couple of drops of water on a marble surface. The fine liquid paste that will emanate can be applied around the eye.

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