In spite of a root canal my pain persists the pain goes down till the lower jaw. Kindly help.

If you are having a toothache that is spreading all the way to your lower jaw, you need to address this problem in a slightly different manner. If you have had a recent root canal, you need to go straight back to the dentist who gave you a root canal in the first place. You need to make sure that your root canal has not been wrongly executed and that there is no problem with it either. This is a common occurrence, a problematic root canal which leads to other issues later on. But instead of trying to sort them out yourself, it is wiser to get this case diagnosed first. This will not only provide you with a better cure, it will also ensure that you recover properly and quickly. Meanwhile, there are some easy remedial measures you can use at home to take care of the toothache. The best and fastest one is to use ice. Ice will numb your tooth right down to the root of the tooth, which should actually no longer be there. But in any case, ice will make a huge difference in providing temporary relief from the painful situation.

The second most common and equally effective solution is to use clove oil. This product has been used in the cure and care of toothaches for a long time now. If you can simply make a tight little swab of some regular cotton and soak this in clove oil, and then clamp it down between the tooth that aches and the one above or below it, you will find that this will help a lot. But you need to be careful as well. Clove oil has a tendency to burn skin if it is left in contact with skin for too long. You should ideally take care that you do not get a blister, because this will be practically impossible to heal with your already problematic condition. If you cannot get your hands on clove oil, you can also use a simple clove. This will also help, though it will take decidedly longer to show effect. Another excellent remedy for toothache is to place a used tea bag between your teeth. This will help especially well if you are suffering from an infection of some sort. Tea bags are extremely useful in drawing out an infection and helping with the healing process. Try these remedies for a few days for best results.

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