I have a toothache this very minute and every thing I try is not working to get rid of the pain what can I do now to help relive the pain until I can get in to see my dentist?

While a toothache will not really lead to any life or death complications, suffering from one can be one of the most painful experiences an individual goes through. The fact of the matter is we rarely pay much attention to our oral health. Our concern for the same arises only when the problem seems to affect our daily lives. While toothaches do not impair movements, the pain can be substantially debilitating and prevent an individual from being able to concentrate on anything else. In order to understand how to effectively treat a toothache, it is important to understand the factors that lead to its development. It is also important to understand that a toothache, does not really originate in the tooth, but mainly around the part of the jaw surrounding the tooth or the nerves extending from the tooth itself. The tooth is essentially a hard mass and does not generate any sensation. The intensity of a toothache can vary significantly from one that is mild to one that is extremely intense and is accompanied by a fever and malaise. One should also keep in mind the fact that there is a possibility that the toothache can also be a symptom of a more serious underlying condition - most commonly with diseases of the heart such as angina and a heart attack.

Because of the fact that toothaches are such a common occurrence, a number of home remedies have been developed and tested for centuries in various parts of the world. With the increasing focus on natural treatments against the dangers of the various chemicals used in modern medicine, you could find some of them very interesting. For example, onion is considered to be one of the best home remedies when it comes to soothing a toothache the antibacterial properties of the onion are essentially what makes them such a potent cure and, as long as they are chewed on properly for a period of about three minutes, almost all the germs in the mouth will be killed. The use of cloves is another very popular remedy and the antiseptic properties of the spice help reduce the pain and relieve a toothache when applied over the affected part of the gum or jaw. It is very important to maintain proper oral health in order to guard your teeth against the dangers of a toothache. Brush your teeth at least twice a day in order to dislodge any food particles that will degenerate and cause oral complications like cavities.

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