Suggest some remedies to get rid of facial edema.

Edema is the medical term commonly used for swelling. While facial edema is not an everyday occurrence, it is by no means uncommon. There may be several reasons attached to facial edema. It is not necessary that you are suffering from edema of the face as a problem. More likely, it will be a symptom of something else. You would need to eliminate the cause of the problem rather than attack the symptom in that case. The first step you should take is to get a complete medical health check up. This will reveal whether you are suffering from something that has led to your problem. Once you know the reason, it becomes easier to tackle the root of the problem in any case. The commonest type of facial edema is a by product of high blood pressure of some sort of kidney disease. What typically happens in these cases is that there is tremendous water retention by the body. Your best bet is to get rid of the excessive water that is stored in your body in these cases. The best and most effective way to fight water retention is to simply drink more and more water. The more water you end up drinking, the faster and more frequently your body will be able to flush it out by means of urine and perspiration.

You can also make some simple and easy to follow dietary changes which will also help you. For instance, you should completely eliminate all sorts of processed food from your diet completely. Processed foods typically contain a very high percentage of salt, since salt is the best natural preservative we have access to. Keep in mind the simple rule that the higher your intake of salt, the more your body will tend to retain water. This is because salt has the natural tendency to absorb as well as retain water. Due to this reason alone, you should also cut back drastically on your salt intake. Consuming less of salt will automatically help your body to retain less water. You can also increase your intake of fresh and leafy green vegetables. This will also help to add to the water content of your body. Apart from that, this will also help to add to your general good health and well being. You are better off avoiding complex carbohydrates, such as bakery goods and all products that are made with plain white flour.

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