Home Cures for Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome

My husband is suffering from TMJ Syndrome. Every time he opens his mouth a loud popping noise comes from his jaw. Sometimes he cannot open his mouth because his jaw gets stuck. Please help!

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) syndrome is a joint disorder related to the jaw. Temporomandibular joint is the joint that connects the mandible to the skull. It is a complex joint and is responsible for opening the mouth, chewing, and talking. There are many symptoms indicating a disorder in temporomandibular joint - for example, difficulty to chew or talk, difficulty in swallowing, pain in the jaw or ear, clicking or popping noise at the movement of jaw, swelling of face, and locking of the jaw.

The locking of jaw, as you have mentioned, needs special medical treatment and can be performed only by sedating the patient and then manipulating the joint. It generally needs to be performed by an experienced medical practitioner. So, whenever, the jaw is locked (it can be either be open-locked or close-locked) approach a hospital or a doctor.

There are certain precautionary measures a patient suffering from temporomandibular joint syndrome must follow to better manage his/her condition. Always avoid opening your mouth too wide so that the chances of locking the jaw is reduced. Do not eat food that are too hard and needs a lot of chewing, for example, hard candies and chewing gums. Follow a diet of easy-to-chew foods. Try some mild jaw exercises at home like moving the lower jaw up and down while placing the tip of your tongue towards the roof of your mouth. Also, the patient can start probing the points where there is pain and massage them gently several times each day. Other jaw exercises can be suggested by your doctor. Before doing jaw exercises, apply hot water bag or towel soaked in hot water on the joint for about 15-20 minutes. Do the jaw exercise for about 5 minutes, about 5 times a day, at regular intervals. Another thing you should remember is to support the lower jaw with your hand whenever you yawn. In severe cases, surgical procedure might be needed to rectify the problem.

It is also important to understand that TMJ syndrome gets aggravated because of poor eating habits and faulty posture of head and neck. You should eat soft foods that do not put undue pressure on your jaws while chewing. Also, you should include magnesium-rich foods in your diet (green leafy vegetables, cereals, tea, etc.) Head and neck postures should be upright and the sitting and working positions should be carefully monitored. Ergonomic postures can help the body in many ways. Also, learn some techniques from your doctor to relax the joint muscles.

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