I was suffering from scabies because of a reaction caused by applying soframycin on wounded place. Now I have recovered from it but now many black spots have appeared on my face & on my body. What do I do?

A reaction to soframycin does not cause scabies. Scabies is highly contagious and is caused by tiny wingless mites or insects. The female mite lays about 1 to 3 eggs under the skin daily. If neglected and not treated the female mite will continue to lay eggs for about 5 weeks. The eggs hatch in a couple of days and the same cycle begins. A very fine zigzag pattern on the skin shows the trail of the mite as the eggs are laid. Symptoms include severe itching, redness of skin and rashes mainly in the night or after a bath. They are mostly found on the body on the heels, inner thighs, waist, elbows, wrists, etc. Scabies spreads through close skin contact, holding hands with an infected person, sexual contact, bed sheets, towels and clothes of an infected person.

You would need to take extra care and avoid contact with others to stop it from spreading, as this is highly contagious. Wash all your clothes and bed sheets with hot water. Give the final rinse in a strong antibacterial solution and dry them out in the sun or iron them to kill the mites on it.

Tea tree oil or lotion has powerful anti bacterial properties and effectively helps to kill the mites. You may use the tea tree oil lotion on your body to treat scabies and relieve the itching. Make a paste using fresh petals of marigold flowers, a pinch of turmeric and pure aloe vera gel. Mix well and apply this on the affected area.

You can also make a mix of organic pure neem seed oil, pure tea tree oil and a carrier oil like coconut oil or olive oil in the ratio 1:1:3. Mix well and apply this all over your body and scalp and hair before going to sleep. This is a naturally potent mix and helps to kill all the mites.

For black spots use lemon juice. Apply freshly squeezed lemon juice directly on the spots using a cotton ball. Let dry. You can leave it on; it is not necessary to rinse it off. Lemon juice is powerful natural bleach and helps to reduce spots and blemishes effectively, do this at least twice daily. If you have a very sensitive skin then apply pure rose water 10 minutes after you apply the lemon juice.

Soak a few almonds overnight and peel them the next morning. Grind them to make a fine paste and apply this on the affected areas to get rid of your black spots. You would need to do this daily to get the desired results.

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