I get leg cramps and I am pregnant. Kindly Help.

When you are pregnant there is extra weight and pressure on your legs and this leads to muscle cramps. Increased phosphorous in your body could also cause leg cramps. It happens due to excess consumption of processed and refined foods. You can balance the phosphorous levels by taking calcium supplements but do check with your doctor before you take any supplements or medicines.

Other things to prevent leg cramps during pregnancy are:

Do not sit with your legs crossed or stand for a long time. Stretch your legs when you get the cramps and point your toes upwards or hold them to relieve the pain. If the pain is at the back of your thighs then raise your leg, straighten your knee and rest it on the wall as high as you can without putting too much pressure on your stomach. If it is in the front then bend your knee and bring your leg up, near your stomach slowly while massaging it.

Do a few light stretches daily. Check with your doctor for suitable exercises.

Walking helps a lot as it increases the blood circulation and helps to relieve the cramps. Check with your doctor if it is okay for you to go for daily walks. If it is okay then walk at least for half an hour daily.

Water retention can also cause cramps. Drink lots of water through the day to prevent it.

Eat fresh vegetables and fruits that are high in potassium like potatoes, tomatoes, peaches, bananas, peaches, etc. You could also have a glass of warm milk before going to bed to avoid painful leg cramps during the night.

Sleeping on your side is also known to help avoid leg cramps.

When you get tired sit with your legs elevated with the support of pillows. Rest your legs on two pillows while you sleep. This will elevate your legs and prevent the painful cramps.

You may ask someone to massage your legs. Massage it in the direction of the natural muscle. It will help in blood circulation and will ease the cramps. You could also use a hot water bag, hot towel or a heating pad to increase the blood circulation and relieve the cramps.

Avoid tight fitting clothes that might restrict the blood circulation in your legs. Wear comfortable clothes.

Alcohol is also known to cause muscle cramps. So avoid drinking it, this will also keep your baby fit and healthy.

If your cramps are very painful and regular accompanied with swelling or tenderness then you need to see your doctor and tell him about it.

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