Kindly suggest some home remedies for leg cramps?

If you are suffering from cramps in your leg, then there could be a variety of reasons for it. Usually, cramps are a manifestation of muscular weakness. Muscles become weak if they are not adequately nourished, or if they lack adequate watering. This is to indicate that they would need to be kept well fed and that your water intake needs to be high enough so that your muscles do not suffer from lack of fluid. In order to strengthen your muscles, you would need to increase your intake of protein. Keep in mind that muscles are mostly comprised of proteins and water. You must increase your intake of white and lean meat, egg whites, beans, pulses and legumes. All of these are significantly rich sources of proteins. In addition to this, you must also start having more of milk and all milk products. These will also supply the much needed proteins and calcium to your body, thereby helping to strengthen your muscles. Your water intake should also be significantly high. Drinking at least 10 to 15 glasses of water everyday will help to improve the strength of your muscles.

The other thing you can do to improve the strength of your muscles is also to exercise them regularly. If you are not used to exercise of any kind, you will find that initially when you start, your cramps will increase. After a point, they will stop until they gradually peter out. If you are suffering from cramps in your legs, the best kind of exercise you can do is to walk or run. You can also swim, which will also help you to regain muscular strength in your legs. Before you start any kind of exercise, you should make it a point to warm up before you launch into the exercise fully. A gradual working up of muscles will help them to be geared properly for exercise and will also help to prevent cramping. Another excellent remedy you can use to get rid of leg cramps is massage. Sometimes, muscles need massages to evenly distribute the blood to all parts. Massage not only helps with this, it also works towards working your muscles in a proper manner that does not require too much strain. Use mustard or olive oil. Both of these oils have excellent results and will help with healing as well. You should also use preferably warm oil for a massage for best results.

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