What diet should we eat when suffering from jaundice?

When suffering from jaundice, a very strict diet has to be followed. Since jaundice is a manifestation of a weak liver, you would have to take care that too much strain is not placed on your liver. If this happens, you will find yourself struggling with a damaged liver all your life. Instead, it is better to take dietary precautions during as well as a good three months after you have suffered from jaundice. To begin with, the golden rule of all eating is to eat only boiled food. This is because the bile secretions from the liver are not running smoothly at the time when you are afflicted with jaundice and this will naturally not help with easy facilitation of digesting whatever you have eaten. It is also preferable to stick to a vegetarian diet while suffering from jaundice. The only safe non vegetarian thing to eat is some boiled chicken or chicken soup that is mostly broth, with just a bit of salt added to it. This too, should only be had when you are recovering from the disease and not when you are suffering from it.

Keep in mind that you cannot eat grilled, fried or any kind of food cooked in any other way when suffering from this disease. Keep in mind that your food should be almost totally processed before it reaches your stomach when you are sick with jaundice. Gourds of all kinds are particularly useful when it comes to treating jaundice. Barley water is also a very useful thing in the cure of jaundice. You must try to have a couple of glasses daily at least. You must also have sugar cane juice to which a bit of fresh lime juice has been squeezed in every day. This will help to better your digestion. Sugar cane juice is also considered to be very useful in treating jaundice as well. Tomatoes are also considered to be extremely useful in taking care of jaundice. They are most easily digested when taken in juice form. You must also make it a point not to have any kind of oil or fat of any kind while suffering from jaundice. This will worsen your condition and will also not allow you to recover quickly. In order to help you to recover faster, once the disease has completely left your body, you can start taking a daily dosage of Indian gooseberry. This will improve your immunity and will help your system to recover faster.

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