Kindly suggest some remedy for Diarrhea stomach pains

If you are suffering from diarrhea, keep in mind that stomach pains are a natural side effect of the same. When the intestines are spitting out excessive water and whatever fecal matter that is causing the offending condition, they will tend to cramp. These cramps are experienced as severe stomach pains. Depending upon how hard the intestines have to work, your stomach pains will vary accordingly. In order to get relief from these aches and pains, the thing you have to do is control your diarrhea. This will automatically reduce your stomach pains and provide relief. One of the best ways to bring diarrhea under control is to stay on a light diet of simple and easily digestible food all day. The best thing that will soothe your stomach is curd rice. The rice must be completely boiled and not parboiled. Take a cup of rice and boil it in five times the amount of water. Strain this, so that you reduce the starch element of the rice completely. You can mix this with fresh, unsweetened, and unflavored yogurt and sprinkle a touch of rock salt to this mix. This can be eaten whenever you are hungry. It will slowly and gradually soothe and ease your stomach cramps.

Sometimes, merely staying on a frugal and simple diet is not enough. You would also need to take other medicinal steps to control your diarrhea. One of the best cures to take care of diarrhea is to keep a mixture made with powdered sugar and powdered fennel seeds at the ready. You can keep munching on this throughout the day. This mixture is extremely quick and efficient in fighting diarrhea. As a matter of fact, in some cultures, it is also used as a mouth freshener after meals. After having this for about 24 hours, you will notice a marked difference in your condition. If your stomach still continues to pain, you can also try and apply hot compresses to it. This will help to provide topical relief to your aching tummy. You may also find that drinking cold water seems to soothe your system. This is usually effective but only temporarily. While the cold water is having its soothing effect, what you can do is also chew on a piece of ginger. This is certainly a spicy way to take care of your stomach ramps. But it is no less useful and effective in any way.

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