Suggest a home remedy for hypoxemia?

Your body's cells require a constant supply of oxygen to function normally. Any disruption or reduction in this oxygen supply can cause a person to develop a condition called hypoxemia, which is low blood oxygen level. Hypoxemia can cause a disruption to your body's functioning and damage vital tissues. In severe cases the condition could even be life threatening. While shortness of breath is the most common symptom of the condition, depending on how fast it develops you may also experience fatigue, confusion and a reduced capacity for exercise.

Your blood oxygen level can be measured through an arterial blood test or with an oximeter. Under normal circumstances the blood oxygen readings vary from ninety five to hundred percent at sea level. A reading under ninety would be considered low. Sever hypoxemia sets in if the level drops below eighty percent.

Heart or lung diseases are the most common causes for the development of hypoxemia. It could also be caused by other factors like strenuous exercise or carbon monoxide poisoning. Congenital heart disease, anemia, acute respiratory distress syndrome, emphysema, low cardiac output, pneumonia, pulmonary disorders, sleep apnea, high altitudes and narcotics or anesthetics are some other common causes of hypoxemia.

Hypoxemia is a serious condition that can not be treated at home and requires swift medical attention. Since this condition is caused by the presence of another disease or condition, any cure depends on a speedy and accurate diagnosis of the cause. Effective treatment addresses the underlying cause of the condition. There are however certain precautions that you can take to help prevent any worsening of the condition.

It is imperative that you stop smoking immediately as this is the worst possible thing for your lungs.

Secondhand smoke or passive smoking is just as bad for your lungs, so make sure that in addition to kicking the habit yourself, you should avoid frequenting places where others smoke.

Although the idea of exercising may seem far fetched, considering your condition, it is extremely important. Light exercises that are not too strenuous can help improve your endurance and strengthen your respiratory muscles.

The normal or healthy white blood cell count varies depending on the age of the person and it also has a diurnal cycle, which means that the count varies during a twenty four hour day. Under normal circumstance this count would vary from 4000 to 10,000 per ml for an adult.

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