Is There Any Home Remedy That Will Help To Grow Or Thicken My Eyebrows?

Eyebrows are a distinct feature of your face and they can enhance your look significantly. A thick eyebrow can make the face more beautiful and attractive. It is therefore natural to desire a thicker pair of eyebrows. However, you should understand that there are no certain or proven ways to thicken your eyebrows overnight. There are some cosmetic procedures you can follow to make your eyebrows appear thicker. Or, you can also follow some home remedies. Here are a few home remedies that may prove beneficial for thickening your eyebrows, but all these procedures may take a very long time and you should not expect any dramatic results.

  • Use olive oil to massage on your eyebrows every day. This is known be helpful in making the eyebrows grow thicker. Olive oil is available in most of the stores and can be bought easily.
  • Similarly, castor oil is also known to be helpful for growing eyebrows thicker and faster. Use castor oil to massage on your eyebrows at least twice a day. Castor oil is also commonly found in stores and can be obtained easily.
  • Dip a ball of cotton in a bowl of milk and rub the ball on your eyebrow. The proteins and vitamins contained in the milk provide nourishment to the hair roots and make them grow thicker.
  • Use eyebrow conditioners that contain essential nutrients helpful for the growth of hair. Such eyebrow conditioners can be bought as an over-the-counter item in many drug stores.
  • Eat a diet of fresh fruits, green vegetables, and plenty of fluids. This will make your hair (and eyebrows) look healthier. Also, since human hair is largely made up of protein, you should consume a protein-rich diet. Fish, eggs, meat, and dairy products are good sources of proteins. If you wish to take only plant proteins, you should consume pulses and lentils. Along with proteins, a diet containing vitamins (like biotin) and minerals (like zinc) may also enhance hair growth significantly. If your dietary intake of vitamins and minerals is not sufficient, you can also take vitamin and mineral supplements. However, you should try and avoid smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages, as they can impede hair growth.

As a cosmetic method, you can use eye shadow and eye liner to make your eyebrows look thicker. However, do ensure that you use shades matching your eyebrow color. And also ensure that you do not overdo it to much that it appears unnatural. Meanwhile, you should also avoid threading or plucking your eyebrows.

answered by G M

In most normal circumstances, if you have got your eyebrows plucked from a salon, the hair on them should grow back fairly quickly. You need not worry about it not growing back as thick or as long. Usually, within two to four weeks, you will see the hair reappearing just as it was before you plucked your eyebrows. In the interim period, if you wish to make your eyebrow hair grow faster, there are some simple things you can follow. The first thing is to start applying castor oil to your eyebrows overnight. Castor oil has the specific property of making any kind of hair grow miraculously fast. Within a week, you will notice that your hair is growing back. All you have to do is to apply a generous layer of castor oil to your eyebrows and leave it on overnight. Be careful, this might mess up your pillows a bit. Another very good remedy to grow your hair quickly is to make a paste of aloe vera gel, onion juice and soaked fenugreek seeds. Apply this to your eyebrows. This will undoubtedly make your face smell foul, but as a remedial measure, it is highly useful and will do the work of making your hair grow very quickly and effectively.

But a better idea for you to adopt in the interim period between this plucking session and your next one is to use make up. Depending upon what color your eyebrow hair is, you can use a liner in the same color. Using a dry pencil eye liner works better than applying wet make up. Wet make up may run if you have the kind of skin that perspires freely. By using a pencil liner as close in color to your hair as possible, you can add strokes to your eyebrow in an upward direction. This will make them appear fuller and thicker. However, you must guard against making the lines so strong that they become too obvious. This will give the appearance of tackiness, and this is not the kind of impact you would want to create at all. The other thing you can do is to take attention away from your eyebrows. This can be successfully done by slightly heavy eye make up. If you use eye make up daily, then you can make it slightly heavy. If you don't use any make up, even a minimal amount will make a difference and be noticeable.

answered by G M

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