How to reduce tummy after lscs?

Whether or not you are concerned about your looks, there are good chances that you are anxious to get rid of the tummy after your delivery. During pregnancy, a lot of women put on weight that they are unable to lose. It is therefore recommended that light exercises be a part of your daily routine. Eating right, of course, is an accepted norm during your pregnancy. When you are careful about yourself during your pregnancy, you will not gain a lot of weight to begin with and therefore will not have to worry too much about losing weight. There are plenty of fitness regimes that can help too. However, even with these you might find it difficult to counter the flab on your stomach.

Usually, breastfeeding helps take care of the body fat naturally and brings you back to your normal shape. Along with that, it is important to focus on eating a healthy diet that is high on proteins and low on refined food, carbohydrates, and fats. Still, food alone can't help you. To remove the excess weight, you can add a few crunches to your exercise regimen. Exercises of the lower abdomen and air cycling can also help reduce excess fat on the stomach. The only way to quickly tuck in a tummy and firm up the abdominal muscles is by doing stomach crunches. The best thing about crunches is that you can do it anytime and anywhere. It is best though to avoid doing crunches immediately after a meal. Wait for at least half an hour after your meal to do any sort of crunches. Also, avoid all sorts of fatty foods and add raw vegetables and fruits to your diet. These help in removing excess water from the body and prevent water retention in the cells. Reduce the size of your meals and increase the number of meals that you eat. Ideally, if you can lay off sugar for the period, it will be of great help. When you are hungry between meals, eat a fruit or raw salad instead of junk food. Consume whole grain foods instead of those made with refined flours.

Drink a lot of water. The toxins that build up due to the exercising and dieting will need to be flushed out at regular intervals. It is recommended that you drink at least 3-4 liters of water everyday. Try to go in for the healthier versions of your favorite foods. If you like pasta, you don't have to avoid it altogether. Simply go in for pasta made of whole wheat and choose a topping that has low fat cream or cheese and lots of vegetables. Losing weight does not necessarily mean that you give up on all the foods that you like. It simply means switching to the healthier alternatives of those foods.

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Losing weight is probably one of the top most concerns of a young mother post delivery. Eating right and adequate exercise during pregnancy can primarily help ward off excessive weight gain. All said and done, reducing weight gain on the abdomen or tummy is a task for all young mothers. Fitness regimes also find it difficult to fight the abdominal flab.

Focus on eating right and exercising enough to lose weight gradually considering you have gained weight the same way. Breastfeeding the child naturally reduces the fats stored in you body helping you regain your body shape faster. To lose tummy weight you have to add a few crunches, air cycling and lower abdomen exercises that help you tuck the abdomen muscles.

Abdominal crunches are probably the best way to tuck the abdominal muscles. The best part is it is simple, easy and can be done anywhere. Lie down with bent knees and tuck your abdominal muscles as tight as possible and lift your upper body as you feel pressure in the abdominal area. Keep your neck straight and chin up while you hold the body upwards for a short while and gently release. Continue doing crunches in small numbers (ten to twenty) with short breaks.

Lower abdomen exercises such as lifting both legs in the air and crunching the abdominal muscles while keeping your body steady is another simple yet effective mechanism to tuck the tummy naturally. Similarly, keep both legs in the air and make cycling movements such that you feel pressure on the belly area. Such simple methods are the best ways to beat the flab in the abdominal region, slowly but surely.

Avoid fatty foods, oily snacks, sweets and choose healthier alternatives that will boost your energy levels without adding calories. Raw foods and vegetable and fruit juices are the best ways to eat a balanced nutritive meal. Eating salads and fruits at regular intervals can reduce cravings or helpings of high calorie foods. Intake of whole grains as compared to refined foods is also a healthy alternative.

Don’t overlook the fact that you have to eat well to enable you to take care of your little one. Eating less or excessive exercise can make you a tired mom. Enjoy your motherhood while focussing on losing weight gradually. Do not hold celebrity moms as examples of post partum recovery, simply because we do not have dieticians, fitness experts and home gyms at our disposal.

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