Chiggers natural remedies

A chigger is the parasitic larva of the scrub mite or red mite and poses a threat to humans. The adult form of the mite is usually not a problem. The larvae attach themselves to hair follicles or skin pores. To feed on the skin they inject a digestive enzyme breaking down the skin cells. A stylostome which is a hard tube like structure is formed, through which the larvae feed. While they are attached to the skin they continue to inject saliva and feed, leading to a number of skin problems, for which treatment is required.

The best treatment is removal of the chigger at the earliest. This will reduce the severity and the period for which symptoms would be experienced. Showering in warm soapy water and rubbing the skin lightly with a towel or cloth is enough to get rid of the chiggers. The symptoms like itching, welts or hives, and skin redness can be treated as those skin problems would normally be treated. These treatments involve using hydrocortisone creams or antihistamines. There are also applications available in stores specifically for chigger bites. Although the larvae leave in 3 to 4 days the feeding tube remains, causing symptoms. It cannot be removed, but the skin tissue forming the tube is eventually broken down by the body, anywhere within ten days to three weeks.

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