Chronic laryngitis treatment due to Sinus infection: Are there any unknown ways to cure laryngitis?

Laryngitis is a condition in which the larynx is inflamed. The person suffering from the condition is generally afflicted with a hoarse voice or could completely lose his or her voice due to the irritation affecting the vocal cords. There are two types of laryngitis, acute or temporary and chronic. Acute laryngitis lasts just for a few days, while chronic laryngitis may last for over three weeks.

Upper respiratory infections like the common cold, caused by a viral infection, are the most common cause of temporary laryngitis. If the infection that is responsible for the condition is bacterial you would need to be prescribed antibiotics. Abusing your voice, which would mean straining it through over use or shouting and screaming, is the second because of laryngitis. Smoking is also cause of laryngitis as the larynx's mass is increased when tobacco smoke is inhaled and this causes a lowering of the pitch. Acid reflux could also be a cause or aggravator of the problem at times.

In the case of acute laryngitis that is caused by a viral infection the problem is combated and dealt with by your immune system and does not last more than a few days. During the time that your larynx is inflamed it is best to give your voice a rest. Antibiotics are unnecessary and steam inhalations are effective enough. It is absolutely essential that you avoid smoking and any smoky environments. Try to avoid eating any food for at least two hours before going to bed to avoid any irritation that could be caused by acid production from the stomach. This is particularly important if acid reflux is the cause of the problem in which case make it a point to treat the acid reflux problem. Staying hydrated and in a humid atmosphere can also help a lot. Garlic and ginger are also believed to help heal and give relief to the affected area.

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