What are home remedies for a bee sting?

Suffering from a bee sting is one of the most common experiences all over the world. Mostly bees' sting in a large number and the stings could be a nuisance and also prove to be fatal in certain cases. Moreover, the fact that some individuals can develop an allergy to the venom in a bee sting means that there is always the chance that something as dangerous as anaphylaxis can be the result. Wasps are another concern from more or less the same family of insects, although wasps are more likely to attack in swarms. Besides, unlike bees, they are capable of multiple stings means that they will generally cause more damage. Studies have shown that bee and wasp sting attacks are a rather common occurrence and as many as about 40 deaths are reported each year, in the United States of America alone - causing severe allergic reaction.

Before getting into the details of home remedies for bee sting swelling, it is important to make sure that you get as far away from the site of attack as possible. This is necessary because as soon as a bee stings you, it will release a scent that attracts other bees in the vicinity towards its target and causes them to sting the individual as well. Once you have done so, do not forget to remove the bee's stinger from the site of the attack. It is necessary to know that the longer the stinger is allowed to remain in your body - the more likely it is to cause a more serious reaction. The first step in effective home remedies for bee sting swelling is to keep an eye out for the signs of anaphylaxis, which are the development of redness and itchiness as well as a shortness of breath and raised welts known as hives.

One of the most effective home remedies for bee sting swelling is to simply wrap some ice into a piece of fabric and apply it over the site of the bee sting. Do this for 20 minutes and the symptoms should significantly subside if not disappear. The application of this cold compress will constrict the blood vessels and numb the pain and itching. Another effective one of the home remedies for bee sting swelling is to apply a small amount of toothpaste over the site of the sting and wait for a period of about 15 minutes for the symptoms to subside. There are a number of other effective bee sting swelling treatments as well as methods of treating bee stings available through sources such as the internet as well as your local bookstore that will prove to be effective in the treatment of the condition.

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There are several home remedies easily available for a bee sting. But before you employ any, it is important for you to know that most of these would need to be applied in a timely fashion. Keep in mind that bee stings remain inside the body and spread their toxins. In rare cases, people sometimes develop allergic reactions to bee stings, which can make them fatal as well. If you notice any thing apart from itching, swelling and redness from a bee sting, you must immediately go to an Emergency room for instant treatment. One of the most effective remedies for a bee sting is to apply a mix of honey and lemon to it. Honey will negate the toxin and lemon juice will sanitize the stung area. For relief from the itching, which is usually very strong and annoying, you can apply fresh aloe vera gel to your sting. This will take care of it quite easily, as it is also a healing substance. You can also apply calamine lotion for relief from the itching, burning sensation.

An old wives' tale dictates that you should rub a piece of iron vigorously around the sting to negate any toxic effects it might have. Top this off with Fullers' earth and you are as good as new again. You need to keep in mind also that bee stings are painful and the swelling will remain for a while. It can be brought down by applying ice packs. It is believed that eggs applied to bee stings also make the swelling and stinging go away. Another popular remedy is to apply a slice of onion to the stung area. You can also tie this to the area with a bandage or a piece of cloth. The onion will extract the toxins from the sting and heal it.

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