Skin lightening methods and tips

First of all you need to understand that your skin has a natural color that is determined genetically, and it is not possible for you to make your skin any lighter than it naturally is. You can only lighten your skin if it has become dark as a result of exposure to sunlight or hyperpigmentation due to some other problem such as acne scars, friction, or chemicals. If one of these factors has caused your skin to become darker than it naturally is, then lemon juice and raw potato will certainly help.

Lemon juice can be used by itself - you can simply cut a lemon in half, and rub the two halves on your skin, on whichever part of the body you wish to lighten. If you wish, you can also mix the lemon juice with a little honey and milk, and apply this mixture wherever required. A mixture of lemon juice and either gram flour or sandalwood powder (or even both) is also quite effective in lightening skin. Raw potato is another effective home remedy - you can put aside a raw slice of potato when you are cooking, and rub this slice on your skin for a few minutes.

answered by G M

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