Remedy for cluster headaches

Cluster headaches are not like migraines and are rare form of head pain that is most commonly seen on men. The headaches starts all of a sudden without any notice or warning signs and the pain caused is usually situated behind or around the area of one eye. The pain is excruciating and causes the eye and nose on the same side of the pain to go red and swollen. Restlessness is also a symptom that's associated with a cluster headache and is a frightening to a family member who lives with some one who has cluster headaches. These headaches can last for about an hour or a few minutes depending on the intensity and the worst part is they appear at the same time of day for several weeks, until the cluster episode is over.

In order to prevent the recurrence of a cluster headaches avoid taking certain medications (for example one's that contain nitroglycerin), do not smoke excessively and make sure to get proper sleep so as to not disturb your sleeping patterns. Check if you have a hypothalamus problem as it may disturb your body's clock and cause a relapse. Do not drink alcohol during your episodes an avoid stress at all costs. The best remedy for cluster headaches is medication that can be prescribed by you doctor, therefore there may be different types depending on what your allergic to or not. The course generally involves two types of medication. The first one is to reduce the number of headaches in a cluster and the other medication to reduce the intense pain caused due to the headaches.

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