I put a pore strip on my 11yr old daughters nose last year after a few weeks raised red spots appeared on her nose, eczema creams are not working its not itchy it is a bit dry and its only on her nose

Pore strips are meant to clean the skin by pulling out dead skin cells, dirt, and the build up of sebum that tends to clog skin pores, particularly on the nose. In order to achieve this, the pore strips have a sticky substance on them that clings to the skin and in particular to the material causing the blockages, pulling it out when you pull off the strips. It is possible for the chemicals used on the strip to irritate sensitive skin, but it is unlikely that this reaction will last for one whole year, especially with only a single use. In most cases, the skin is no more irritated than with waxing, but even assuming your daughter has very sensitive skin or an allergy, a year seems like an excessively long time for the rash to remain, unless you have continued using the pore strips over this time.

In addition, you seem to say that the rash appeared after a few weeks after using the pore strip. It therefore seems very possible that the rash is unrelated to the pore strip, and the timing was mere coincidence. Your daughter may have a food allergy or some other skin condition; you should consult your family doctor first, and later, if necessary, visit an allergist.

answered by G R

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